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CH NO*Aarracat’s Nylah The Stunning

Sire: S*Lindevoll’s Chayton
(MCO a 09 – blue solide with white)
Dam: GIC NO*Hardangerkatten Indra
(MCO f 22 – black tortie classic tabby)
Litter: A (avatar theme)

D.O.B: 14.01.2021
EMS: MCO g 22 – Blue tortie classic tabby

COI: 10,5%
Top 5: 62,9%
Clones: 30,9%

PK-def DNA: N/N
Blood type: N/b

HD: 2-2 (PawPeds)

Offspring: D-litter

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She is just the sweetest little thing!
Playful, loving and cuddly, charming, caring and with a bit of diva attitude. Her looks resemble her mother Indra, although the color and some facial attributes reminds me of her father.
Temper and personality is a good mix between both the parents, where the sweet and cuddly side is more like Chayton and the willful, strong diva reminds me of Indra. I like that about the torties, their spunk and confidence!

Nylah stole my heart from the moment she was born. My intuition struck, told me that this was the kitten that should stay in the cattery – before I even knew the sex, color or look. Turns out she was just as I had wished for; a kind and beautiful blue torbie ❤️

Nyla is a character in Avatar The Last Airbender, a so called shirshu – who is the companion of June the bounty hunter.
The name of Nyla means champion, winner or smiling.

I’m excited to follow her development in looks, type, temper and personality.

A special thanks to Føniks Paws for letting me borrow daddy Chayton

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