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GIC NO*Hardangerkatten Indra

Sire: (N)Afelio San Fransisco
(MCO as 09 22 – blue silver tabby with white)
Dam: NO*Hardangerkatten Ariel
(MCO f 22 – black tortie classic tabby)

D.O.B: 07.04.2019
EMS: MCO f 22 – black tortie classic tabby
COI: 16,3%
Top 5: 72,4%
Clones: 38,6%

PK-def DNA: N/N
Blood type: N/b

HCM screening: normal (2020)
HD x-ray: 1-1

Offspring: A-litter, B-litter

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She’s my very first Maine Coon, who I got from a local cattery in Hardanger.

She has many nicknames such as Mini, Indrus, Katla, Little rascal etc…

Indra’s name has it’s origin from Hinduism, a warrior god who was reckoned as the greatest and strongest of all warriors. He was originally the storm god, and was related to thunder, lightning and rain – one might compare him to Thor, the god of thunder in Norse mythology.
The female version of the name Indra means «the mighty».

Indra is a tough and sturdy girl, who’s super curious and is always to be find in the middle of all happenings.
She is a tortie of color, which you can tell is reflected in her personality. Indra has a very strong will and opinion, and she’s very stubborn. When she has gotten an idea, there is no stopping her.
She’s cuddly on her own terms.
She is a very social yet independent miss. Indra is very playful and active. I’ve had many laughs because of her, and the house is certainly not quiet or boring when sharing it with her.

I’m excited to follow her development, both in looks – type and personality in the years to come.

She is a super mom! With her first litter she was cool and collected, the instincts were strongly present during labor, and she did everything by the book. She was thorough in her caring for her babies, they were spick and span at all times ❤

Gallery Indra

Gallery sire/dam

Indras great grandparants on her mothers’ side.

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