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SIREDisney Lion King
D.O.B: 12.06.2022

S*IsaRos Lynx King Of Coon’s
Red smoke with white (MCO ds 09)
HCM1, SMA, PK-def: N/N
Blood type: N/N
HCM: normal (2021)
HD: 0-0 (PawPeds)
COI: 13,2%
Top 5: 67,7%
Clones: 34,6%
NO*Aarracat’s Nylah The Stunning
Blue tortie classic tabby (MCO g 22)
HCM1, SMA, PK-def: N/N
Blood type: N/b

NO*Aarracat’s Darling Azizi

NO*Aarracat’s Divine Nala

NO*Aarracat’s Debonair Mufasa
*no offspring for breeding purposes available for catteries in Sweeden
NO*Aarracat’s Darling AziziMCO ns 22Sold Lars
NO*Aarracat’s Divine NalaMCO ds 09stays in the cattery
NO*Aarracat’s Debonair MufasaMCO n 22Sold Neilatan
NO*Aarracat’s Dazzling SarafinaMCO fs (09?)🥀 R.I.P 💔
Under evaluation = the kitten is being considered for future breeding in the cattery
Available = the kitten has not been reserved
Option = interest has been shown, but no deposit has been made
Reserved = deposit has been paid, and the kitten is on hold
Sold = the kitten has been fully paid and moved to its new home

Simba is a very social and funny goofball with a great personality. He loves it when we get visitors who he may greet and play with. He loves attention and if you don’t give it willingly, he will come and and claim it for himself. Usually by bumping his head in your face so you may kiss his forehead, or by biting a hold of your blouse and shake.

He is a robust gentleman, sturdy building and boning, large framed and muscular.

Nylah is a sturdy and tough girl, who is very curious and intelligent.
She’s also sweet and cuddly, and loves to be near the people in the house and the dogs. She’s called the force cuddler since she does not take «no» for an answer

Her type is super in my opinion, her body is long and muscular with strong boning, and her head is beautiful with good proportions. She is the best typed cat in my cattery this far.

S*IsaRos Lynx King Of Coon’sNO*Aarracat’s Nylah The Stunning
HD0-0 (PawPeds)
HCMNormal (2021)
A-blood, carries b
Top 572,5%62,9%

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