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A kitten from Aarracat’s has grown up in the livingroom together with the rest of the family, other cats and dogs. They will therefore be well socialized and accustomed to everyday noises.

By the time of delivery, the kittens will be:
– 14-17 weeks old
– neutered (this goes for kittens sold as pets)
– ID-chipped
– vaccinated with two vaccines
– dewormed
– having a fresh health certificate
– having a pedigree from NRR (FIFe)
– insured in Agria – pet insuranace

They will get a kitten package including a bag of kibble, a blanket with familiar smells – which will soothe the kitten in it’s new home, and some other fun and practical stuff.

Buyer’s commitments

As a breeder I’m naturally concerned for the kittens, and want to make sure that their new forever homes are safe and secure. Therefore I have some criteria for the new owners:

  • You obligate yourself to treat the kitten as a familymember.
  • The cat shall have easy access to clean water and kibble.
  • The kitten may not be left outside alone before it is neutered, nor before it’s 1 year old.The cat’s navigation system is not fully developed until it’s about 1 year old.
    You may take it out for walks on a leash, or use a catrun or similar constructions that are safe and will contain the kitten.
  • You have to take the cat to the vet whenever it is necessary. Yearly health check and vaccination has to be provided.
  • The kittens are insured in Agria by delivery, and we will expect that they remain insured (not necessarily by the same insurancecompany though).

Kitten for breeding purposes

Aarracat’s will sell cats for breeding only to serious breeders with registered catteries.
To get entrusted to buy a kitten for breeding purposes from NO*Aarracat’s, it is a criteria that the breeder performs various healthtests on the cats in the cattery before matings, and that the goal of the cattery is to improve the breed’s health.

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