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NO*Aarracat’s Divine Nala

Sire: S*IsaRos Lynx King Of Coon’s
(MCO ds 09 – red smoke with white)
Dam: CH NO*Aarracat’s Nylah The Stunning
(MCO g 22 – blue tortie classic tabby)
Litter: D-litter (Disney Lion King)

D.O.B: 12.06.2022
EMS: MCO ds 09 – red smoke with white

COI: 13,2%
Top 5: 67,7%
Clones: 34,6%

PK-def DNA: N/N
Blood type: N/N

HCM: before breeding
HD: before breeding


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Little rascal, Diva, Troublemaker, Sassy, Bully

Nala is Simbas best friend growing up, a strong and sassy cub. She later on becomes Simba’s wife and grows into a wise, encouraging, supportive and caring queen.
The name Nala means gift, lion, queen and successful woman in swahili.

Nala is a willful and strong little diva. She has inherited her father’s playfulness and talkative being. I simply love her attitude and sassyness, she won’t stand for any nonsense although she likes to stir things up herself. She is much like her grandmother Indra as well, she has the same amount of will and stubbornness in addition to being sturdy and curious.

I’m excited to follow her development in looks, type, temper and personality.

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