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Myself and Indra
Since I was little I have been quite fond of animals.
I was a shy and quiet girl with quite an imagination and who loved to read books about animals and nature.
Maine Coon was a breed that caught my eye from the getgo, and I had a dream of becoming a breeder of.

My name is Kine Elìn Birkeland Aarra. I’m born in 1994 and grew up in the middle of the forrest in Øvre Hålandsdal on the West countryside of Norway.
I live in Uskedalen with my small pack of Maine Coons.

The fascination for the Maine Coon breed started already when I was just a young girl. I read alot of books where my favorite topics were nature and science. I would drift off and daydream when reading about the different breeds of cats, dogs, rabbits etc.
I was lucky to grow up with pets, dogs and house cats, but my interest in Maine Coons would still linger in my mind.

I have experience with breeding due to my mother breeding English Cocker Spaniel from before I was even born.
One could say that I grew up in the puppy-bin. I assisted at births, took part night shifts and additional bottle feeding.

My original plan was to gain some experience through being a host home for a breeder, but then my plans changed when I was offered to buy a female to start my own cattery.
I got my first queen, and that was just the beginning.

About the cattery

The cattery was registered in NRR(FIFe) 24th of May in 2019.

My cats are first and foremost members of the family, which means that each cat has its own value, and their health and wellbeing is of upmost importance and priority.
The cats join me in my everyday life and gets to access about the entire house. They are fully members of the family.
(They might be a tiny bit spoiled, hehe)
The cats also has their own catrun, for those who enjoys the outdoors.

I test beyond what is obligated for a breeder registered in NRR. My cats gets their hips x-rayed and their hearts screened before any mating.
My breeding animals will also get thoroughly DNA-tested. I prefer using MyCatDNA.
All the health results will be available on the cattery’s website, on each cat’s profile, on a collected list, and it will be published on PawPeds on each cat’s pedigree in their database.
– In addition the results may also be published at «minkatt» – NRR’s registry.

I will be participating at cat shows to get my cats evaluated – and of course to proudly show them off.

Check out the post with the cattery’s breeding philosophy to gain more insight in how I breed and what my goals are. Feel free to check out my articles about the breed and it’s health as well.

Cattery name

I chose to use my own surname in my cattery name. Since Aarra is a protected last name in Norway, meaning it is only blood relatives or people marrying into the family that are allowed to claim the name for themselves, it is something that is unique and personal to me.


«Knowledge is power» is a cliche sentence that I do not particularly care for personally. That knowledge is power insinuates that it might be (ab)used for personal gaining and winning, to ensure one owns position and status.
«Knowledge is a resource» sounds to be a much better sentence – at least to my hearing. That’s exactly what knowledge is, an enormous resource and to which follows a great responsibility to those who inhibits it.

It’s important to me to obtain as much knowledge as possible regarding the breed and how to breed to gain better understanding due to the work I’m doing, and to be able to help others.
Therefore I will focus on participating in taking various courses and read on various info-pages and articles.
Currently I’m on the PawPed’s waiting list, and I plan to take NRR’s dimploma test for breeders.

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