Breeding philosophy

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Health is of absolute priority in my cattery, therefore I test beyond what is obligated as a breeder registered in NRR. I focus on HD and HCM, and my breeding animals will be tested before any matings.
In addition I like to be aware of the genes the cat’s are carrying, so I use the DNA test from the Finish MyCatDNA – I think that test is the most thorough available on today’s market.

The cat’s temper and personality is also of upmost importance in my breeding.

I strive to breed healthy cats with the typical temper and personality known to the breed, and the majestic and typical look – according to the standard of course.


When it comes to the decision of which cats I want to mate, it is a number of goals that I strive to achieve – both for the breed in general, but also on a smaller scale inside my own cattery.
The ideal is if I can achieve several goals in one mating, but in general I take these goals into consideration:

  • better health; sound and healthy cats.
  • lower the percentage of inbreeding, meaning total inbreeding, foundation and/or clones.
    the values of the litter shall not exceed the values of the parent with the highest percentage in the match.
  • preserve the stable, gentle and sweet temper typical to the breed.
  • preserve or better the type according to the standard.
  • one or more kittens will be considered for breeding.
  • no matings will be done just to produce kittens for regular pets and company.

The cat’s value

My cats are first and foremost family members. That means that their health and wellbeing is of highest priority.
It is important to me that each cat gets the space and time to be themselves, to be an individual, have their own personality and gets the attention, care and love that they all need and deserve.
I will be using host-homes to ensure that each cat get the home, space, time, care and love that they deserve and need, so that they won’t end up being one of the pack at my house.
cats are not pack animals, although some of them might be more social and tolerant than others.

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