S*IsaRos Lynx King of Coon’s

D.O.B: 11.05.2020
EMS: ds 09 – red smoke with white

COI: 16%
Top 5: 72,5%
Clones: 38,3%

PK-def: N/N

HCM: before breeding
HD: before breeding

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The King, Baby boy, Sweetie, Silver Arrow, Cuddlebug, Mascot…

Simba means lion in swahili. I’ve always been fond of that name, and since he reminds me of a little lion, it wasn’t hard to pick a suitable name for him.

Simba is a real goofy weirdo! He is lively and very playfull, but he is also the greatest cuddlebug. He comes climbing up in the lap for a nap, or lies on the chest for cuddles. He bumps his head in my face and demands kisses. He runs around with his favorite toy, carries it just like a dog and fetches it if I throw it. In the morning he will jump up in my bed with it, and the message is pretty clear; play with me!
Simba is a funny goofball, so friendly, kind and snuggly with the most wonderful temper and personality! I love him to bits ❤ I’m excited to follow his development.

I want to thank IsaRos Lynx for this beautiful boy, and for entrusting me with him ❤

Gallery Simba

Gallery sire&dam

Sire: Sätra Brunns Nathan – ds (redsmoke)
Dam: S*IsaRos Lynx Bianca – d 03 (red bicolor)

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