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SE*Queentorpsmc Skuld

Born: 26.11.2020
EMS: MCO fs 09
– black smoke tortieshell with white

COI: 4,23%
Top 5: 26,9%
Clones: 12,2%

PK-def DNA: N/N
Blood type: ?

HCM screening: before breeding
HD x-ray: before breeding


Health profile

QT is my very first outcross cat and a F4, which means it takes four generation to get back to foundation.

Skuld is one of the three Norns in Norse mythology, a godess of fate. She is the Norn of the future, but is also said to be a Valkyrie who rides to take the slain warriors and decide fights.
Skuld is also a symbolic name to represent her being the future and foundation of our breeding and cattery ❤

I wish to thank Queentorps with all my heart for entrusting me with this precious gem ❤

Gallery QT

Gallery sire&dam

Sire: Plymarnas Tycho Brahe (d – red) F6
Dam: Lykken’s Dream Catcher «Dizzie» (as 09 – blue with white) F3

Sider: 1 2 3 4

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