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NO*Aarracat’s Suki The Loving

D.O.B: 14.01.2021
EMS: MCO a 09 22 – Blue tabby with white

COI: 10,5%
Top 5: 62,9%
Clones: 30,9%

PK-def DNA: N/N

Gallery Suki

Suki is a character in Avatar The Last Airbender, the leader of the Kyoshi warriors.
The name of Suki means beloved / loved / to love.

Suki is a clever, creative and sharp girl, like her mother Indra. Energetic and adventurous quite sums her up. She has been the first in the litter to explore and reaching the milestones in a kittens development.
She is so lucky that she gets to move to a loving family in Bergen together with her brother Iroh.

Gallery sire&dam

Sire: S*Lindevoll’s Chayton (MCO a 09 – blue solide with white)
Dam: NO*Hardangerkatten Indra (MCO f 22 – black torbie)

Sider: 1 2

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