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NO*Aarracat’s Iroh The Wise

D.O.B: 14.01.2021
EMS: MCO e 09 22 – creme tabby with white

COI: 10,5%
Top 5: 62,9%
Clones: 30,9%

PK-def DNA: N/N

Gallery Iroh

Iroh is a real charmer! A sweet boy that’s sturdy, a bit cheeky, adventurous and with quite a personality.
I could tell from the moment he was born that he was a «showman», he love himself some attention. He loved climbing up and onto my lap after he had his meal, just to cuddle, wash himself and fall asleep.
He and his sister Suki were so lucky that they got adopted by the same family, and are now living in Bergen with their new slaves and a puppy-buddy ❤

Iroh is a character in Avatar The Last Airbender, the brother of the Firelord and is the rightful heir to the throne.
Iroh is a legend in fire nation history, and is called «The Dragon of The West» due to him slaying the last dragons alive.
The name of Iroh means wise and humble in Japanese.

Gallery sire&dam

Sire: S*Lindevoll’s Chayton (MCO a 09 – blue solide with white)
Dam: NO*Hardangerkatten Indra (MCO f 22 – black torbie)

Sider: 1 2

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